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Day Eight – Epic Odyssey

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Today is a day we have all been anticipating: our private boat tour to Cinque Terre! However, at 8:30 a.m., I received a call from our boat captain indicating the seas were too high and he must cancel. Even the public ferries were not running due to weather. On one hand, it was disappointing; but on the other, we are in Italy in this fabulous place with countless ways to occupy ourselves on an unexpectedly free day. So there were really not many complaints!

The group dispersed in various directions. Guff and Curtis scaled the local hills for some exercise and panoramic views of the region. The Tarantinos and Barrons went shopping, and had some colorful adventures along the way. Doug and Vickie canvassed the town on scooters, while Pete and Stefan scooted in tandem to film them. Greg and Stacy drove all the way to Milan to rent a Lamborghini for the day – and the pictures tell the rest! And, unfortunately, one person ended up in Urgent Care after breaking his toe on a rock while swimming in the rough surf, but rebounded impressively. Many thanks to our dedicated film crew for capturing all the highlights of our adventures, today and everyday, often at the risk of life and limb!

This evening was free, allowing people to continue to explore and dine at their leisure, hopefully avoiding the quick squall that drenched the town (and al fresco diners) for several minutes just after sunset! It will be hard to say goodbye to Italy tomorrow.