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Day Eighteen – Short Update

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This is a quick update to let everyone know that all six aircraft are safe in Anchorage, Alaska after a re-route due to poor weather in the Aleutian Islands. We had planned to cross from the Kamchatka Peninsula in Eastern Russia to Adak, Alaska but the weather was below instrument approach minima in Adak, so we elected to back-track to the Russian mainland, take on a full load of fuel and proceed east to Nome, Alaska. Despite being the longest leg of the trip, we all made it and decided to continue on to Anchorage where we knew a warm bed was waiting at the Captain Cook Hotel. We arrived Anchorage at about 3 AM local time, but there was still good light and, since we crossed another four time zones today, it was only 11 PM to us (the day before we left)! This airplane is a time machine.