Pilot Training

Personalized Pilot Training Program

Epic Aircraft is dedicated to providing its customers with a comprehensive Pilot Training Program to ensure each aircraft is operated at the highest level of proficiency and safety. The Epic Pilot Training Program delivers the required knowledge and specific experience to ensure owners and pilots meet and exceed FAA standards. The training program is customized for each pilot, based on individual skills, experiences, and goals.

Pilot Evaluation

Epic Pilot Training begins with a pilot evaluation. The flight instructor reviews each pilot’s qualifications, including previous flight training, experience, ratings, endorsements and currency, in order to assign the most appropriate training resources and determine the level of instruction required. The flight instructor then develops a comprehensive, personalized training program to meet FAA airman certification standards in the E1000.

Online Ground School

Epic’s Online Ground School combines computer-based training and remote ground instruction to teach pilots E1000 aircraft systems, normal and emergency procedures, and best practices with an emphasis on single-pilot resource management and aeronautical decision making. The Online Ground School allows pilots to conduct their training at a reasonable pace and on a convenient schedule. Pilots will complete ground training with a thorough understanding of the E1000 and how best to operate it.

Initial Training

Initial Training utilizes the Proficiency-Based Training model, a highly effective framework of flight instruction that follows a pilot’s natural progression of mastering a new airplane, starting with basic maneuvers, progressing through normal, emergency, and instrument procedures, and finishing with scenario-based training that allows pilots to exercise their resource management and decision-making skills in real-world situations faced in actual cross-country flights. Scenarios will include unexpected route changes, equipment issues, weather decisions and more.

Mentor Pilot Program

Pilots new to technically advanced turboprop airplanes may continue flight training with our cadre of Epic Factory Trained Instructors. These highly accomplished aviators are available regionally to mentor E1000 pilots after they complete initial training, whether building time to meet insurance requirements or simply building confidence operating their airplanes in a wider variety of environments. Epic’s Mentor Pilot Program structures the mentoring to provide a comprehensive range of real-world operating experiences.

 Recurrent Training

To maintain flight safety, pilot proficiency and insurability, Epic provides annual recurrent training. In addition to refreshing flight skills and practicing emergency procedures, recurrent training provides an excellent opportunity for owners and pilots to receive updates on aircraft systems and operating practices. Epic Factory Trained Instructors are also available regionally to support those owners and pilots who are unable to attend recurrent training at Epic headquarters in Bend, Oregon.

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