Pilot Training

Personalized Pilot Training Program

Epic Aircraft is dedicated to providing its customers with a comprehensive Pilot Training Program, along with its revolutionary aircraft design, to ensure each aircraft is operated at the highest level of competence and safety. The Epic Pilot Training Program delivers the required knowledge and specific experience to ensure owners and pilots meet and exceed FAA standards. The training program is customized for each pilot, based on individual skills, experiences, and goals.

Epic Flight Evaluation

Epic Pilot Training begins with a pilot evaluation. The flight instructor reviews each pilot’s qualifications, including previous flight training, experience, ratings, endorsements and currency, in order to assign the most appropriate training resources and determine the level of instruction required. The flight instructor then develops a comprehensive, personalized training program.

Ground School

Pilots learn the basics of the aircraft systems, operational procedures, best practices and cockpit management. The course also discusses aspects of the aircraft that are E1000-specific, including operations, check lists, weight and balance, memory items and V speeds.

In-Flight Training

In-Flight Training follows the FAA FITS (FAA Industry Training Standards) Program, a highly effective framework of flight instruction that relies heavily on ‘scenario-based’ training, allowing pilots to be briefed and debriefed on proper responses to actual situations. Pilots are given real-world situations faced in actual flights. Lessons can include unexpected route changes, equipment issues, weather decisions and more.

Mentor Pilot Program

If a pilot does not have the experience or proficiency to immediately fly a Technically Advanced Turboprop Aircraft, this transition can be facilitated through a mentor pilot. Epic can help identify mentors, if necessary, to support Epic owners and pilots during this transition. Those owner pilots who employ professional pilots may opt to train those pilots as their mentor.

 Recurrent Training

To maintain flight safety, pilot proficiency and insurability, Epic provides recurrent training, normally annually. In addition to refreshing flight skills, recurrent training provides an excellent opportunity for owners and pilots to receive updates on aircraft systems and operating practices. Epic authorized flight instructors are also available regionally to support those owners and pilots who are unable to attend training in Bend, Oregon.