Pete Zaccagnino

Zaccagnino is a three time World Champion race pilot, who currently holds the title as the fastest air racer in the world. He holds 18 world records, has flown over 300 aircraft types and 31 Jets, with over 21,000 flight hours, 674 Atlantic Crossings, 240 Pacific crossings. He has made 11 around the world trips from small planes to large jets and has been to every country except Madagascar.

He is an Airline Transport Pilot, S.E and M.E Seaplane, Helicopter, Glider, Certified Flight Instructor, Multi-Engine Instructor, Seaplane Instructor and Instrument Instructor, plus has multiple Jet Type Ratings, G-111 Grumman Albatross, Military Jets, etc. He is an NTSB accident investigation committee member. A former Professor of Aerodynamics, Meteorology, Aviation History, Pete lectures internationally on topics from Aviation Safety, Meteorology, and Flight Testing to High Altitude flight. Zaccagnino is also a test pilot with over 650 first flights in aircraft including 23 prototypes. He has designed 5 aircraft and built two.

Flight experience

  • 2015 Gold Medal winner Jet Class at Reno Air Races
  • 2013 Gold Medal winner Jet Class at Reno Air Races
  • 2007 Gold Medal winner Sport Class at Reno Air Races
  • Board Member MVP, Aero Inc., Board & Principal Member Racing Jets Inc.