Performance Specs

The Next Generation Epic E1000 GX.

Delivering jet-class speed and turboprop efficiency at a highly competitive price and cost of ownership.

The E1000 GX sets a new standard as the highest performing, most luxurious six-place, single-engine turboprop in the world!

Orders for the Epic E1000 GX are currently being accepted. Contact our Epic Sales Team at 888.FLY.EPIC to learn more.


Epic E1000 GX Performance Specs

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Engine Pratt & Whitney PT6A-67A
Horsepower 1200-SHP
Propeller Hartzell 5-Blade Composite
Avionics Garmin G1000 NXi Avionics Suite
Autopilot Garmin GFC 700 Automated Flight
Control System
Construction Carbon Fiber
Pressurization 6.6 psi
Seats 6
Length 35 ft 10 in
Height 12 ft 6 in
Wingspan 43 ft
Wing Area 203 sq ft
Cabin Length 15 ft
Cabin Height 4 ft 11 in
Cabin Width 4 ft 7 in
Cabin Volume 184 cu ft
Max Takeoff Weight 8,000 lbs
Max Payload 2,238 lbs
Max Payload (Full Fuel) 1,100 lbs
Useable Fuel Capacity 264 gallons
Max Operating Altitude 34,000 ft
Best Rate of Climb 4,000 ft/min
Max Cruise 333 KTAS
Normal Cruise 317 KTAS
Eco Cruise 260 KTAS
Stall Speed 68 KIAS
Max Range 1,560 NM
Takeoff Distance (over 50′ obstacle) 2,254 ft
Landing Distance (over 50′ obstacle) 2,399 ft