Performance Specifications

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  • Innovative Design
  • Proven Technology
  • Established Tooling
  • Expertise in Carbon Fiber Fabrication
Seats 6
Construction Carbon Fiber
Pressurization 6.6
Engine Pratt & Whitney PT6A-67A
Avionics Garmin G1000 NXi
Length 35.8 ft.
Wingspan 43 ft.
Height 12.5 ft.
Wing area 203 sq. ft.
Cabin length 15 ft.
Cabin width 4.6 ft.
Cabin height 4.9 ft.
Empty weight 4,600 lbs.
Maximum take-off weight 8,000 lbs.
Maximum payload with full fuel 1,100 lbs.
Maximum cruise 333 KTAS
Normal cruise 320 KTAS
Economy cruise 265 KTAS
Ceiling 34,000 ft.
Best rate of climb 4,000 feet/min
Time to climb 15 min to 34,000 ft.
Max range 1,650+ NM
Fuel capacity 288 gallons
Takeoff distance (over 50′) 2,252 ft.
Landing distance (over 50′) 2,402 ft.
Specs based on pre-certification performance data.
Note: Application for type certificate is made per 14 CFR Part 21 as of April 24, 2013. The regulatory basis for the Epic E1000 is 14 CFR Part 23 through Amdt. 23-62, 14 CFR Part 34 through Amdt. 34-4, and 14 CFR Part 36 through Amdt. 36-29. Appendix C of 14 CFR Part 25 through Amdt. 25-136 is applicable for icing protection requirements.