July 25, 2016

Day Twenty One — Epic Odyssey

Incredibly, this is our last leg of what can only be called a TRULY EPIC journey. We depart from Jackson Hole, en route to KOSH, with a staging stop in Menomonie, Wisconsin, where we regroup with Rolf and LT. We now have all six planes reassembled for our planned formation flight into KOSH. After refueling and a flight briefing, we take off for Oshkosh, arriving late afternoon on the opening day of EAA AirVenture. It is a spectacular day for flying. The fleet arrives in line formation, then taxies to the Epic World Tour fleet staging area, enthusiastically greeted by Epic staff, customers and friends. A celebration feast awaits at Epic’s booth, as the group toasts the culmination of a remarkably successful journey. Greg voices a common thought for the group when he says, ‘Let’s do it again.’ Rest assured, we will. It is certainly a night to remember, celebrating with friends, sharing stories, and enjoying a great sense of accomplishment as we conclude this Epic adventure.