July 23, 2016

Day Nineteen — Epic Odyssey

After arriving at the hotel close to 5 am, today is all about rest and relaxation. And that’s what most of us do, as well as some exploring of downtown, touring glaciers, flying bush planes, visiting Alyeska Resort, along with a bit of shopping. Everyone gathers that night for dinner at Sullivan’s Steak House, welcoming some new friends and saying goodbye to others, as we begin to conclude this exceptional adventure. We watch a photo slide show, assembled by Jean-Marie, highlighting all the places and experiences we have had. On the one hand, it seems as though we have just started this journey, and on the other, that we have been traveling for a long time. There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that it has been the trip of a lifetime. Tomorrow, the fleet disperses in various directions, with a third of the group heading home, while the rest continue to KOSH for the grand finale. It is a somewhat bittersweet evening, with so much to celebrate and remember, tempered by a bit of sadness that our incredible adventure is coming to an end.