July 24, 2016

Day Twenty — Epic Odyssey

For the first time in 3 weeks, we are not proceeding together as a fleet of six planes. DV, AB and MY depart directly from Anchorage to Jackson Hole, with a fuel stop in Ketchikan, while PZ and RB divert for stops in Bellingham, Bend, and So Cal, before continuing onto Wyoming. LT heads home to Wisconsin for a night, with a stop in Idaho, but plans to rejoin us at KOSH tomorrow. It was refreshing to be back in US airspace, reinforcing how easy it is to fly here. After nearly five hours of flight time and a two-hour time change, we arrive late afternoon into the charming Driggs, Idaho Airport (KDIJ). And while we didn’t spot its owner, we did snap a couple shots of Harrison Ford’s green Beaver De Havilland. DV, the lead plane, welcomes the rest using scorecards to rate their landings. We sample some of the local, creatively branded brews before boarding our bus for the scenic 30-minute drive to Jackson Hole, with a quick photo op at the top of Teton Pass. The Four Seasons, once again, impresses, with its incredible facilities and elegant rooms. We check in, explore a bit, before heading down to an incredible poolside feast. With a third of the group gone, it feels a bit quiet tonight. We decide on a slightly later departure in the morning and everyone retires early to prepare for our last leg of the journey.