July 12, 2016

Day Seven – Epic Odyssey

Today we are off to Italy, a quick two-hour hop from Hampshire. We arrive at Genoa Airport (LIMJ) around 1 pm, unload, refuel, breeze through immigration, just in time for lunch at Strainers Restaurant, in the harbor overlooking the exquisite fishing village of Portofino. After spending the afternoon exploring this famous seaport, we proceed to our hotel in Santa Margherita, just a short drive away. Originally built as a private villa in 1889 by an aristocratic family from Corsica, the Imperiale Palace Hotel sits up high, with spectacular views overlooking the harbor, within an easy walking distance of everything. After check-in, everyone disperses to explore the many wonders of the hotel, the beach, and village. Later, we gather on the Terrazzo overlooking the Mediterranean for cocktails and a magnificent four-course dinner, elegantly served by the hotel’s exceptional staff. Each course is better than the previous one. After the delicious late lunch at Strainers, we are all feeling a bit “overfed” to say the least, so a little dancing is in order. It is a perfect conclusion to our first day in Italy!